Make Ability Your First Choice for your Prosthetic Care!

"After my accident in 2007, I went to Ability for my prosthetics. I was very satisfied.

Because of the long travel distance, I tried another prosthetist that was closer to home.
After a few visits I came to realize that the travel time to see Tom and Mike was well worth it.

Thanks for great service!"
Robert Craw

" ...I have been very satisfied with the professional initial fitting of my prosthesis AND for willing, continued service when problems have come up. They have made sure that my "down" time has been minimal, of which I have been very appreciative.

I highly recommend the professional and friendly services of Ability Prosthetics Systems and its staff... "
Milton Jenkins


Please know that Ability Prosthetics has worked with me since I lost my limb in 2005.

Tom and Mike have been caring professional gentlemen. We have become friends and I would not feel as comfortable anywhere else.

Gordon Gordon

"Everyone at Ability Prosthetic Systems are truly wonderful!

Knowledgeable, caring, and a willingness to go out of their way to help in any way they can, from working out insurance kinks to custom systems.

I would recommend anyone in need to Tom, Mike, and the ladies there at APS!"

John-Lehi Jensen


Gwen McNeal

Tom and Mike are amazing! 

They have worked hard on figuring out solutions to my tricky fit issues. 

Mike has spent a ton of time working with me to make sure I get the perfect fit for whatever activity I’m involved with.
Tom is great at coming up with out-of-the box solutions when the fit isn’t working. 

Last year they fit me for a running leg and since then I’ve completed 2 Marathons and 5 Half Marathons. 

I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else. 

"The fit and comfort of my arm is fantastic. It lets me do everything I want to do... even bow-hunting.

I like the way that Tom and Mike listened to my desires and created an arm that is not only functional but is truly a work of art--it looks amazing."

Gary Norman

Convenience of location was not the only reason Jolene decided on Ability Prosthetic Systems, Inc.

Jolene explained, “APS was very helpful. Tom had gone through much more than I had so [he] could answer all my questions.”

Tom Andrew, CP, also introduced Jolene to other people who wear the Utah Arm, helping her to learn about its benefits first hand.

Jolene Emery

Above Elbow Amputee


“My first appointment I called at 5:30 pm and even though they were closed they said that they would see me because of the problems that I was having, i.e. severe swelling, redness and bruising on the end of my stump. I also had sores at the top of my stump and lots of pain. My previous prosthetist kept telling me it was because I was not putting my leg on right. Tom immediately recognized it as me being too big for my present leg and took it from me. He then fit me for, and made a new leg. Within two weeks I was walking pain free again and ever since.”

Aaron Murray

AK Amputee